Project Puerto Rico

Documenting stories of possibility after Hurricane Maria

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On September 20, 2017, Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico. In the aftermath of the strongest storm to hit the island in over 80 years, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) struggled to deliver basic necessities to storm victims. Living with no power, inadequate access to food and clean drinking water, a collapsed infrastructure, and insufficient medical care, a health crisis developed and storm-related deaths soared. One year later, with over $90 billion in damage and a death toll of 2,975 or greater, our fellow citizens in Puerto Rico need our unwavering support on the pathway to recovery.

On September 29, I, along with a team of documentary photographers from Momenta, travel to San Juan for one week to document stories of resilience and help with reconstruction efforts. While in Puerto Rico, I'll partner with a nonprofit organization and create powerful photographs that tell the story of their mission. At the end of my trip, I'll donate images to my partner nonprofit organization so they can share the story of their work with the world.

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Photographs play an important role for social impact organizations. Visual stories can help inspire hope, educate the public and make connections with donors. Strategic visual storytelling costs organizations thousands of dollars. We are offering these services at no cost to the nonprofits in Puerto Rico. 

Not only will this work benefit the nonprofit, the project will also push me to grow as a photographer and continue work I've already begun in Annapolis and Washington, DC when I return home. This project is about paying it forward and I need your support to make it happen.

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My goal is to raise $4750 to help cover the costs of lodging, transportation and nonprofit project support from award-winning international photojournalists from Momenta. Momenta, a nonprofit organization with a mission to encourage social change through documentary photography, has years of experience and expertise. I've worked with them before on a nonprofit assignment in New Orleans and can vouch for the dedication and hard work of this team.

I realize that this isn't at the top of your list for charitable donations, and I completely understand. I genuinely appreciate any amount you can contribute though. I would be so grateful for your help and so will the nonprofit I'll be working with in Puerto Rico!